• Our Kids

    How much they have grown!

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    Our very first kids

    Feb 2009

    These were our first KG3 class. Try to spot the above children in the following pages and see how they've grown and changed along the years.

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    Preschool Children Get Their First Uniform

    Jan 2010

    All the children were very happy with their new outfit and proud to be part of a "real school".

    A note on girls: Unfortunately, like most adolescent girls living in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, they lose the supportive environment to continue school. Several girls have been taken out of the project along the years which has made us re-double our efforts to work with the community and keep those girls schooled for longer.

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    Our First Seven Children to get Primary Sponsorship


    LEFT TO RIGHT: Rama, Zuma, Fred, Swabrina, Mwaka, Lilian, Saumu, Miriam. The photo was taken on the first day of school in January 2010 at Chris Preparatory Day-school. These were our First Seven Children to get Primary Sponsorship.

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    Five New Children Get Primary Sponsorship


    5 New Children Get Primary Sponsorship: Rajabu, Binti, Hansa, Sheryl and Margaret. 

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    Nine Children Get Public School Sponsorship


    This photo was taken on their first day at school after Fred gave them their new uniforms. Elando Tinge (our German AFS volunteer teacher for 2011) kindly paid for the sponsorship of these 9 children. When we don't have sponsors on- board for a child to go to a higher quality day-school (Chris Prep), we send them to a public school so they can at least continue their education until we find them a sponsor. Still, despite the large class sizes (65-90 students), teachers at Kisauni Public school work very hard on giving these children the best opportunities they can.

  • A Few Stories

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