• Volunteers don't necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

    ~ Elizabeth Andrew

  • Our Secondary School Dream

    After visiting Kenya in August 2016 we viewed a piece of land right beside our school for $21,000. This is an amazing opportunity because this plot of land is right beside our current kindergarten and primary school so it would be a perfect location to build a secondary school.

  • Hopsyg fundraising events

    We've got a top notch team!

    Spinning Class

    powered by Spinback

    Parents Group

    powered by Colin Liu's Parents Group

    Halloween Party

    powered by Happy Goal

    Yoga Class

    powered by Inspya Yoga

    Charity Run

    powered by Suis

    Info booth

    powered by Shanghai Gaelic Football


    powered by Roca Foundation

    Christmas Party for Kenya

    powered by Glo London

    Summer Party for Kenya

    powered by Glo London

    Charity challenge

    powered by Shanghai Soup

  • Contribute Directly to Our Project

    0% transaction fee*

    Primary School Account (Beneficiary Bank)
    Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd
    Branch Code/Sort: 11004
    Account Name: Hope Orphan Preschool Youth Group
    Account Number: 0113 444 5141 001
    Swift Code: KCOOKENA
    Branch Name: Nkrumah Road, Mombasa, Kenya.
    Bank Code: 11000

    Corresponding Bank Details

    When making an international transfer to our account in Kenya you will probably have to call your bank to do this, transferring to Africa is not as straight forward as between two Western banks. They will ask for the Co-operative's International 'Corresponding Bank Details'. This bank has the infrastructure to move the money across the world while our small Kenyan bank does not. See below for different currencies. If you are in UK,  the Sterling is the one you will use. In Ireland you will use the Deutsche Euro bank.

    Note: Sometimes the banks will ask for our HOPSYG physical address.

    Physical Address of School: Bengala, Mshomoroni, Mombasa, Kenya. The PO box is 86462-80106 Mombasa
    We're hoping this change will make it easier for you our sponsors, friends, donors and family to make the transactions! Thank you!

  • Current Supporters


    The Education Network China

    Sure Maker

  • Thank you to our Contributors, Volunteers, Sponsors and Donors

    (last updated, 2015)

    Fredrick Mulama- Co-founder, Social Worker & School Manager

    Alan Coyne- Co-founder, School Manager & Fundraiser

    Sarah Baert- Co-founder, School Manager & Fundraiser.

    Miriam Ososso- Co-founder, Child Sponsor.

    National Irish Bank & Officials- purchase of land for primary school and preschool & construction of preschool and junior primary school.

    Other contributors towards this construction include the Leberer family, the Mulama family and the Coyne family.

    Seamus Lynott- Trustee, Volunteer, Child Sponsor, fundraiser & design of preschool construction.

    Johannes Leberer- Volunteer Teacher (one year), Child Sponsorship and fundraising for building of primary school.

    Shanghai United International School (Wanyuan Staff)- Cindy Xi, Jordan Allison, Luke Russell- organising Charity Run fundrasier for building senior primary school.

    Raffael Polz- volunteer teacher (one year), child sponsorship.

    Fernando De La Cal Gonzalez- Volunteer organizing 6 fundraisers in Shanghai (dinner parties, symposiums, spinning classes)

    Dr Jan Kubovny- Medical expertise/treatment and child sponsorship

    Adrian Hosler- Volunteer organizing fundraisers (flea market, Christmas party x 2, Skills Tournament)

    Laura Velasco- Volunteer organizing two dinner party fundraisers in Shanghai

    Matt & Madeline Shugert- Organized guitar lesson fundraiser and Christmas party

    Kristell Gathoye- Volunteer organized charity photoshoot, produced photos and edited website.

    Aura- Volunteer, designed our website, marketing materials and organized our Children´s Skills Tournament & Christmas dinner party.

    Larysa Varaksa- Volunteer, organized Halloween party and Christmas party.

    Elando Tenge- volunteer teacher (one year) and child sponsorship

    Gabriel Grimsditch- child sponsorship, running-costs donations

    David Mulligan & Mary Duffy- child sponsorship, fundraisers and medical aid.

    Alberto Harriero- Volunteer, organized two dinner party fundraisers

    Nitin Dani- Volunteer, partnering, providing large scale marketing promotion.

    Colin Liu- Volunteer, organized Sure Maker fundraiser & parent´s group fundraiser

    Ines Bartual- Volunteer, organized Christmas dinner party fundraiser

    Esme Harvey- Volunteer, organized fundraisers for spinning class, jujitsu class, Christmas dinner party.

    Guillermo de la Plaza- Volunteering and organizing fundraisers.

    Ann O’Halloran- Volunteer and child sponsorship

    Radana Litosova- child sponsorship

    Sabina Mulama- teacher and volunteer,

    Fatuma- teacher and volunteer.

    DAFA and Vincent Maguire & Family- Donations for rennovations to preschool 2011

    Deirdre Cryan, David Quinn- Organizers of Summer camp and donors.

    Coyne Family- volunteers, fundraising and running-costs donations.

    Mulama Family- volunteering and running-costs donations

    Amanda Flannery- volunteer and child sponsorship

    Holly Donnelly- child sponsorship

    Gil and Neomi Weinstein- child sponsorship,

    Stacie and Alan Gibbons- child sponsorship

    Catherine Johansson Berg- child sponsorship

    Assia Ghani- child sponsorship

    Liz Effenberg- child sponsorship

    Felicitas Boerner- child sponsorship

    Josefine Polz- child sponsorship

    Miroslav Dusek & Monika Duskova- child sponsorship

    Rocio Ruiz, Summer camp volunteer.

    Clea Otero- volunteer and running-costs donations.

    HSE Health Promotion Team in Tullamore- fundraising for school wall/fence.

    Stella Billi- fundraiser;

    M Costello- child sponsorship

    Ciara Conway- child sponsorship

    Benedict Luganje- volunteer

    Philip McAlister- donations

    Smriti Sharma- donations

    Mary and David Greaney- medical assistance

    Jan Keno- media support

    Marcella Connolly- media support

    John Kingsley- technical support

    SAAS- technical support

    MEWA- medical support

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