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  • Giving the children of Mombasa a brighter Future

    We are a charitable organization created by a group of friends who came together in 2008 to help educate and feed the poorest children in Mombasa, Kenya.

    So far, we have built a preschool, a junior and a senior primary school for these little guys. We bought a new plot of land and now we plan to build a secondary school.

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    Our Work in 2019 & 2020


    Coronavirus Relief Program, May 2020

    Coronavirus hit Kenya terribly, mainly due to the negative economic impact caused by a strict quarantine. This had a significant impact on our children, their parents/guardians and our teachers. Hopsyg dug deep and coordinated two relief program. See the photos of our relief program.


    Building our Secondary School in 2020

    With Stacie and Justine we had amazing plans to organize a fundraising campaign and build our secondary school in July 2020. Unfortunately as Coronavirus hit, our plans were postponed until August 2021. See here our architectural drawings prepared in 2019.


  • Little by little our dream is becoming true

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    244 children

    successfully attending school

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    3 buildings

    containing 13 classrooms

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    500,000+ Meals

    full of nutritious porridge


    To our children for their inspiration and to our friends for their endless support.

    Ever since we started this project, our children have been a never ending source of inspiration.

    With every smile, with every 'thank you', with every new thing they learn, the biggest reward is there.


    Without all of our generous families, friends and volunteers this project wouldn't have taken-off. We are everyday grateful to those whose kindness has allowed these special children's lives to be changed forever.

  • Because the best stories

    never end!

    We want to expand the education of this kids, so that they can have a brighter future, each day! Help us raise the building that will shape the future of this children. Donate now and give a hand to Mombasa!

  • Connect With Us

    Contact us for donations and information about our Charity!

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    +57 314 421 2303

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